Queer Qrosswords 2


The organizers of last year’s Queer Qrosswords have announced a sequel. The format is the same: Make a donation of at least $10 to a LGBTQ+ friendly organization, forward a copy of the receipt, and receive a packet of 32 original crosswords created by industry luminaries. Visit the website to learn about last year’s accomplishments, get recommendations for organizations, and support a great cause while receiving top-notch puzzles — it’s win-win!

PUZZLE: Rice Milk #30


FIRST (1 1 7) / LAST (9)

With my Oculus FIRST I unfurled
A high-tech, horror-themed, open world.
In my Grim Reaper role
I LAST many a soul.
The refresh rate was sick, though I hurled.

Comments contain the answer to Rice Milk #29 and may contain other spoilers. For information on solving transposals and other “flat” (verse puzzle) types, visit the National Puzzlers’ League’s Online Guide to the Enigma.