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PUZZLE: Unthemely #96



I must admit my enthusiasm for the traditional crossword puzzle is waning. This Unthemely puzzle had been sitting on my desktop for over a year with a single seed entry placed in the grid. I didn’t have the interest in working on it until some recent events spurred my creative impulses and my desire to clean up the back burner a bit. I also feel I should revisit the independent crossword construction process now and then to keep my skills honed and preserve the “Unthemely” brand. I ended up throwing out the original seed entry and attempted a fill more clean than flashy. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “PUZZLE: Unthemely #96

  1. Nice puzzle! Good to have Unthemely back. I see that you are so rusty at this that the numbering in your blog post title doesn’t match the posted puzzle. 🙂

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