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Default: 352416
Default with Spaces: 135795

NOTES: The Merriam-Webster website has an open dictionary section where users can post new words and slang. I started monitoring the section and added some of the entries starting with A after checking with other sources. The term for nervous anxiety — abdabs (65) — is new to me but apparently has citations going back to the 1940s. Academese (65), referring to scholarly jargon, is a Google-hit favorite and apartel (55), a portmanteau of apartment and hotel, shows up in some business name and I’m curious to see if it catches on as a generic term.

LISTS: Sharedoc additions from my most recent list include going-away party (80), Silly String (80), thumb wrestling (80), and zucchini bread (80).  I was amused by slipshoddity (55), an archaic term for carelessness. The entries in lists from other constructors that I have yet to go through are mostly ten letters or longer. Scoring entries is a pleasant background activity when I’m watching television, though I realize that these longer entries have minimal practical value for standard crossword construction.

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