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Default: 3583915
Default with Spaces: 142665

NOTES: The Girl Scouts recently revealed new cookie varieties to be introduced in 2015. Trios is the one most likely to be referenced by a crossword clue, but Rah-Rah Raisins (75) and Toffee-tastic (75) could be seeds. I’m not ready to add tastic to Default as a partial. Neologism blogs have discussed winter dibs (72), the claiming of snow-shoveled spaces in a public parking lot. If the phrase gets traction, it could be an option for cluing dibs — I tend to have trouble finding a satisfying clue for that entry.


LISTS: Some nice recent additions from the sharedoc include hypercube (70), relish tray (80), and Wooly Bully (80). I discovered the old song Honey Chile (55) originally performed by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas in 1967 and later covered by the Jackson 5. The stylized “chile” spelling of “child” leans in the direction of cultural insensitivity, but given a new pronunciation I think it was be a great flavor option for barbecue sauce.

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