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NOTES: Trip Payne asked about concerns related to possibly short-lived neologisms, specifically the assignment of fill scores and usage in crossword puzzles. The question prompted some thinking and inspired me to create a new Autofill Project scoring category. I’ve started assigning scores ending in a 2, in particular 72 and 52, to probationary entries. The scores are intended to put the entries in fill range, but in way that makes them easy to filter for adjusting/deleting later on. The 72 score is for nascent slang, e.g. bikini medicine (72) and pop-up storm (72). The 52 score is for proper names that would have been scored in the 50s or 60s previously, e.g. Adele Nazeem (52).

LISTS: I added some entries from Peter Broda and Dave Shukan. Peter’s lists often betray his musical background; I added China cymbal (60) and crash cymbal (70) this week. Dave’s list introduced me to Timbits (65), the Tim Hortons brand of doughnut holes. I have never eaten a Tim Hortons doughnut, but I may have to seek out a location when I’m Vancouver next summer, if not sooner.

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