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NOTES: Word Spy recently posted the term protologism (72) meaning “a newly coined word that is not yet widely used or accepted.” I have been guilty of placing several such words in crosswords. ABC’s summer reality series The Quest made me realize that I didn’t have LARP (55) or LARPing (55) in Default. The Oxford English Dictionary announced some its 2014 entry additions this week and I added adorbs (65), anti-vax (65) and the Internet acronym ICYMI (45). I had never come across that acronym and had to look up its meaning: in case you missed it.

LISTS: Peter Broda and Alex Boisvert posted to the sharedoc last week. Alex has been data-mining Wiktionary for interesting entries not in other dictionary lists. Additions to my database from the Wiktionary list include coupon code (75), feed the meter (70), and Memory Foam (75). Peter’s list included the usual good variety of utilitarian entries (hand dryer (75)) and some specialized interest vocabulary (midget porn (25)).

GRIDS: I told Evan Birnholz at Lollapuzzoola that I appreciate the crosswords of indie constructors and alternative syndicates because they are more likely to have entries that are holes in my database. Ska group (70) and metal band (70) both showed up in recently solved puzzles, making me wonder what other music-related ___ group/___ band entries I could add to Default. Binaca (65) reminds me of a friend from elementary school who was obsessed with that brand of breath spray to the extent that he wanted to form an investment club simply so we could buy shares of Binaca. The term brodown (70) is new to me and I’m not quite sure of the meaning since I chose to glance at Urban Dictionary’s take on the term. Would someone share their definition of brodown in the comments?

3 thoughts on “AUTOFILL PROJECT: protologism

  1. I think of “bro down” as a verb phrase meaning to have a guys’ night out, particularly if it involves such stereotypical activities as drinking a lot, hitting on women, etc.

    • I could find evidence online of “brodown” being used as a noun. I could also picture it as a verb, though I wonder is “bros down” or “broed down” are also inflections in common usage.

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