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Players receive answer sheets with a series of crossword-style clues leading to two-word answers. An adhesive name tag containing a word, either the “first part” or “last part” of one of the clue answers, is placed on each player’s back. Players mingle and examine the other players’ words to determine their own words by process of elimination. The gimmick is that the two words that form each phrase are not the first word and last word but the first set of letters and last set of letters, e.g. the nametag words FORE and STRANGER form the answer to the clue “National Park employee” (FOREST RANGER).

This was an early effort to create a “nametag” mixer game. I presented it at a party where the guests were mostly non-puzzle solvers. The group managed to figure out the gimmick, in some cases with mind hinting. The game was presented again, with Adam Cohen as moderator, at a New York miniconvention in 2009.


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