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Project Zep!


Patrick Merrell has a Kickstarter campaign for a project that will showcase his talents as a puzzle maker and a graphic designer. He is accepting pledges for the creation of a book titled Zep: the Curse of the Evil Dr. Sumac Who Lives Next Door). The book will be geared toward kids but also contain a hidden puzzle to intrigue adult readers. Support the project here.

Also, here’s a quick wordplay puzzle: The word BISMARCK is the bank* of the headline phrase of a McDonald’s banner ad I saw this morning. The phrase’s enumeration is (5 2 4) and is one that McDonald’s could use maybe once a year. What is the phrase?

* A “bank” means that the answer phrase contains the letters B, I, S, M, A, R, C, and K, with repetitions of one or more of those letters.

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